About Us

Diskus is the flagship product of Axis Digital — a leading technology company headquartered in the GCC that specializes in cloud-based solutions. We empower companies to achieve governance and compliance with our state-of-the-art projects and meetings workflows.


Diskus elevates your board's decision-making capabilities, optimizing efficiency and enhancing business outcomes. Our aim is to strengthen your organizational structure by ensuring transparent monitoring of your operations to meet your regulatory compliance requirements.

Why We're Here

Diskus revolutionizes outdated board meeting processes with advanced tools. Technological advances have transformed work in every industrial sector, but board and leadership collaboration still seem to live in the pre-digital era. Our meeting management solution is designed to elevate your board governance to a modern consortium with seamless features for collaboration, communication, and workflow management.

Diskus facilitates smoother communication and collaboration among your board with its cutting-edge technology. By leveraging our capabilities, the board can concentrate on more critical issues and make quicker decisions for tangible financial benefits.

Empower your board to pursue greater ambitions for your organization with Diskus.

We Believe in Inclusivity

Our work environment and products deeply align with our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We at Axis believe that embracing differences helps us serve the communities we work in and enables us to create more effective products for every type of board and organization.

Axis believes in equality, diversity, and inclusion and strives to incorporate these principles in our product, organizational culture, and customer dealings.

We are committed to promoting this ideology to make the world a better place by celebrating individual differences.

How We See the Future

We are relentlessly advancing and customizing our solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers. It all started with the simple idea — to develop a sophisticated meeting management solution that hosts every meeting management prerequisite and offers a complete project management suite. Today, Diskus has emerged as an industry leader by combining all these features on a single platform.

How We Do It

Conquering Challenges
Conquering Challenges
Our tools are getting refined with each passing day to meet complex compliance challenges. Our solutions automate your compliance and governance workflows, giving you peace of mind.
Constant Improvement
Constant Improvement
We are constantly investing in R&D and evolving every day, employing the newest technologies to enhance our capabilities, guaranteeing better outcomes for our customers.
Enhanced Collaboration
Enhanced Collaboration
From agenda building, task allocation, and minute management to file sharing and decision-making, Diskus records and monitors all the board's actions for greater collaboration, evaluation, and compliance.

A Collaborative Environment

The parent company of Diskus, Axis, believes in a collaborative environment where every individual has equal recognition and rights. Our organizational culture is built around open communication with a focus on teamwork, inclusion, and shared decision-making.

What We Value

We believe everyone in the organization brings something unique to the table, and we must celebrate that. The enhanced collaborations encourage creativity, seamless problem-solving, and effective decision-making. Our corporate social responsibility initiatives further cement our passion for making a positive impact on the community and the overall environment.

Join the Team

Every day at Axis brings new challenges, but our leadership ensures that every employee tackles them with a big smile.

If this resonates with you, then join us!

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