Calendar Sync

Diskus Calendar Sync is a smart tool designed to help you efficiently manage your board meetings' schedule — ensuring effective corporate governance and compliance.

Seamlessly integrate your board's schedule with external calendars or integrate external calendars with Diskus to ensure you attend all important meetings. Real-time updates and automated reminders further solidify your governance practices by keeping all your board members well-informed and on board with their responsibilities.

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Instant and Efficient Meeting Setup

Creating a meeting goes beyond mere document compilation and participant invites. Diskus offers smart data-driven tools to facilitate efficient collaborations among the board, leadership teams, and committees, fostering effective engagement and substantial resolutions.

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No More Missed Meetings with Diskus

Diskus's core objective is to streamline all your meeting aspects from start to end. Timely board meetings are imperative to ensure robust governance practices. Our Calendar Sync feature is specifically crafted to tackle all your meetings with ease — providing seamless integration and updates of your board schedule across all platforms and devices. Now, no more missed meetings; use Diskus to keep your board on track, guaranteeing compliance with all regulations and governance benchmarks.

Ms Integration

Seamless Integration

Our Calendar seamlessly integrates Diskus with any external Calendar of your choice. Diskus meticulously syncs with Apple, Google, and Microsoft calendars to ensure your board’s schedule is up-to-date. All these integrations optimize your meeting outcomes and ensure there are no lags or delays.

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Live Updates

Diskus Calendar sync tool is extremely smart. Any changes made in Diskus — whether scheduling new meetings, updating meeting details, or rescheduling — will automatically be reflected in all synced calendars. All board members can easily view these changes live — ensuring no one is left behind and everyone stays on the same page.

Compatible with All File Types

Automatic Reminders

If you need reminders for upcoming meetings, the good news is that you can configure Diskus to send you reminders. You can customize reminder settings as well as per your preferences. With all these capabilities, Diskus ensures the board is always prepared and on time.

Create Meeting Templates
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Stay Ahead of the Curve with Diskus

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