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Diskus is committed to helping you enhance your corporate governance and compliance practices with its cutting-edge technology and solutions. Our data room feature is specifically designed with this commitment in mind.

Diskus data room is a highly secure file repository. Its advanced vaults are specifically designed to keep your documents safe and easily accessible anytime. Its disruptive features enable you to effortlessly upload files and folders and locate them swiftly whenever needed for efficient document management.

Rest assured, your documents are protected in our data room with military-grade security.

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Instant and Efficient Meeting Setup

Creating a meeting goes beyond mere document compilation and participant invites. Diskus offers smart data-driven tools to facilitate efficient collaborations among the board, leadership teams, and committees, fostering effective engagement and substantial resolutions.

Drag & Drop Builder
Drag-Drop Builder
Every File Type Works
Compatible with Every File Type
Create Templates
Design & Save Templates
Live Co-Authoring
Real-time Document Editing
Attach Votes, Surveys, & eSignatures
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Comprehensive Document Management

Streamline your document management process with Diskus's data room backed by military-grade security.

  • Diskus data room enables users to upload as many files and folders from their devices directly to its portal.

  • Locate any document conveniently, even if you only remember the file's initial keyword, format, or the name of the recipient.

  • Diskus data rooms are backed by our privacy and security guarantee, with an option to customize accessibility rights for different individuals.
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Organize Documents Efficiently

Organize your documents efficiently in one space with the Diskus data room. You can upload as many files and even large folders in the data room for easy access at anytime, from anywhere.

Create Meeting Templates

Easy Search Filters

Locate documents quickly using keywords, file type, or even the name of the recipient. Our advanced search feature ensures you can swiftly find the needed document — optimizing your workflow efficiency and saving time.

Compatible with All File Types

Customizable Accessibility

Assign different accessibility rights to team members for specific files, folders, or documents for enhanced privacy and security of stored documents. Diskus enables you to control who accesses your records by customizing accessibility permissions and privacy settings to ensure peace of mind.

Create Meeting Templates

Privacy and Security

Diskus follows top-notch privacy and security protocols to ensure your documents are protected. At the heart of Diskus meeting management solution is a commitment to safeguarding your confidential data and documents and ensuring no unauthorized access. Our data room capability ensures that all your documents are meticulously organized and easily accessible to only authorized users.

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