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Our meeting scheduling feature is specifically designed to streamline the meeting management process while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and enhancing corporate governance practices.

Diskus offers a holistic meeting scheduling tool — empowering the board to plan, organize, communicate, and execute seamless meetings.

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Instant and Efficient Meeting Setup

Creating a meeting goes beyond mere document compilation and participant invites. Diskus offers smart data-driven tools to facilitate efficient collaborations among the board, leadership teams, and committees, fostering effective engagement and substantial resolutions.

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Beyond Scheduling

Diskus offers comprehensive meeting management tools that extend beyond simple scheduling. We empower users to organize meetings efficiently, coordinate with attendees, and manage meeting time and location.

Diskus comprehensive meeting solution facilitates agenda creation with real-time collaboration. It allows multiple document uploads, task management, minute management, action items tracking and monitoring, and other collaboration features for leadership and management. Integration with third-party software such as Office 365, Zoom, and other related software further makes it the go-to solution for all your meeting concerns.

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Instant Scheduling

Effortlessly plan and schedule your meetings with Diskus. Our user-friendly interface allows you to quickly schedule a meeting by simply selecting the date and time of the meeting, adding participants, and sending invitations. You can also set the meeting to "recurring" if you need to conduct the same meeting with a similar agenda, participants, and meeting material again. Moreover, you can assign each participant specific roles that comply with their board meeting protocols.

It's a hassle-free, convenient, and efficient method to schedule meetings effortlessly.

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Automated Meeting Invitations

Our automation streamlines the process of sending meeting invitations. The method of extending meeting invitations is as simple as selecting the date and time and adding participants to send the invitation automatically. Our calendar integration shows the available time slots of each meeting participant for easy coordination.

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Quorum Management

Set automated quorum tracking to ensure compliance with mandated quorum requirements. Our tool automatically notifies you if the stipulated conditions still need to be met to reschedule for easy compliance with the company laws of your region.

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Calendar Integration

Diskus seamlessly integrates with any calendar software of your choice — allowing you to view the availability of each attendee and avoid any scheduling conflicts.

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Automated Reminders and RSVP Collection

Set up automated reminders to notify attendees of the upcoming meeting. Diskus enables you to set up to 3 reminders with personalized notes to ensure all participants are well-informed and prepared. You can also collect RSVPs from attendees to augment your meeting planning and execution process.

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Group Chat & Video Call

Create a group chat for all participants and organizers to enhance collaboration and enable real-time discussions, updates, and coordination among meeting members. For remote participants, you can also facilitate a video session and share the video link with the participants so they can join the scheduled meeting.

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Organizers and Agenda Contributors

Diskus allows you to add meeting organizers and designate them with comprehensive rights to manage agenda contributors, meeting materials, and participants.

  • Board meeting organizers can add or remove agenda contributors and also adjust their accessibility rights, allowing them to control what each contributor can view.

  • Organizers of the meeting can also request additional materials from agenda contributors and conduct in-agenda polls for real-time feedback and decision-making.

All these measures empower organizers to enhance the meeting experience for all the participants to optimize efficiency while maintaining confidentiality.

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Agenda Assignment

Seamlessly create and assign agendas to relevant agenda contributors or participants with Diskus. Specify the start and end dates for the agenda discussion and attach files and details, or enter the URL pertinent to a particular agenda item conveniently. You can also adjust the privacy options for each agenda to ensure only intended recipients can access relevant information.

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Regulatory Compliance Monitoring

Every aspect of your meeting planning and scheduling phase is executed with utmost transparency for easy monitoring and compliance with the regulations of your region. Our objective is to optimize your meeting management process and ensure compliance to foster good governance practices.

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Restricted Access

Diskus enhances the security and confidentiality of your meetings by limiting access to only authorized personnel to your meeting materials, including agenda — ensuring peace of mind and maintaining discretion.

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