Minutes Management

Diskus provides a structured framework that streamlines the process of creating, storing, and sharing comprehensive records of board meetings — fostering transparency, accountability, and proactive decision-making. Our minutes management feature is designed specifically to facilitate your organization's compliance and governance requirements.

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Instant and Efficient Meeting Setup

Creating a meeting goes beyond mere document compilation and participant invites. Diskus offers smart data-driven tools to facilitate efficient collaborations among the board, leadership teams, and committees, fostering effective engagement and substantial resolutions.

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Beyond Minutes Management

At the heart of Diskus is the commitment to simplifying every meeting management process for our users. Our platform is simple, unique, and highly secure — featuring encryption to ensure that all your sensitive data stays in safe hands. From agenda creation, task allocation, and real-time collaboration to minute management and action tracking — Diskus ensures your board meetings ultimately elevate decision-making and optimize the productivity of your stakeholders.

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User-friendly Interface

Diskus is an intuitive meeting management platform that ensures all your meeting processes are promptly and efficiently executed. Our user-friendly interface allows users to effortlessly create, store, and share comprehensive meeting records. This approach improves the transparency, accountability, and decision-making capabilities of your business.

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General or Agenda-wise Minutes

Our intelligent minute management feature offers the flexibility to add two kinds of minutes ‘general’ and ‘agenda-wise’, enabling you to capture and document discussions and decisions with varying levels of details. Agenda-wise minutes are tailored to each agenda item, while general minutes summarize the entire meeting discussion and action items. This ensures a comprehensive record of all the meeting discussions and decisions for transparency, monitoring and compliance.

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Automated Minutes Review

Our intelligent design comes with an in-built minute review process — offering tools for seamless collaboration and immediate feedback. Our design allows stakeholders to review and comment on meeting minutes in real-time, thereby streamlining the approval process and enhancing the accuracy of meeting records.

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Task and Deadlines Management

From assigning tasks to teams directly from meeting minutes to setting deadlines for completing each task — Diskus simplifies all the task management processes. Task allocation and deadline management ensure all action items are finished in a timely manner for improved efficiency and productivity.

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Track Action Items

Diskus ensures proactive tracking of all action items from board meetings. Whether it involves assigning tasks to individuals or monitoring their progress — Diskus ensures a smooth tracking of action items for enhanced supervision, monitoring, and on-time completion.

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Project Management Tools Integration

Diskus adds value to all your meeting management processes through its seamless integration with third-party tools. It perfectly integrates with Asana and Trello — widely-used project management tools. These integrations automatically sync action items from Diskus with the user’s current workflow, ensuring efficiency and consistency across platforms.

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Stay Ahead of the Curve with Diskus

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