Board Management Solution for Non-Profit Organizations

Diskus is the most preferred board meeting solution for nonprofit organizations worldwide. Diskus provides a structured space for effective on-site and remote meetings. With a guarantee of enhanced transparency and accountability — Diskus bolsters the donor's trust in your operations.

From fundraising, and governance to marketing, communication, and memberships, managing committees is seamless with Diskus. Collaborate, schedule meetings, share files, assign tasks, conduct polls and voting, and track action items, all in a closed environment. Diskus helps you manage your meeting hierarchy, ensuring efficient information sharing within your organization's structure.

Non Profit Organizations Meetings
How Diskus Facilitates the Legal Sector
  • Offers a standardized built-in solution for nonprofits to manage their workflows effortlessly.
  • Ensures compliance with stringent regulations governing nonprofits.
  • Provides dedicated spaces for committees and groups to encourage collaboration among team members, leading to informed decisions.
  • Includes features such as attendance tracking, quorum management, action items, and decision tracking for enhanced transparency and credibility.
  • Protects donor data and meeting records with Azure security, encryption, and access controls.
  • Diskus Board Meeting Solution Client
  • Diskus Board Meeting Solution Client
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  • Diskus Board Meeting Solution Client
  • Diskus Board Meeting Solution Client
  • Diskus Board Meeting Solution Client
  • Diskus Board Meeting Solution Client

Why Nonprofits Are Transitioning to Diskus

For nonprofit organizations, it is imperative to have the most transparent operations with accountability and compliance. Diskus ensures all meeting workflows are systematically recorded, from agendas, minutes, and boardroom materials to role assignments and action items. All this information is accessible to all board members and stakeholders, providing a well-documented audit trail.

All these transparency and accountability features enhance donors, volunteers, and community trust in the nonprofit operations, ensuring success.


Our Customers Are Our Biggest Advocates

Our board meeting management solution is tactically crafted in collaboration with industry leaders to empower your association governance. Over the years, we have cemented our name as the most trusted meeting management solution for associations of all sizes and types looking to streamline their governance framework and enhance business outcomes.

Michael O' Hara
MD, Impact Enterprises

One of Diskus's standout features for enterprises is digital signatures.

By simply clicking a few buttons, you can authenticate and make documents legally binding, streamlining the process and saving valuable time.

Brigadier (R) Aslam Khan
President, Rural Development Foundation of Pakistan

Our partnership with Diskus has significantly improved board engagement.

All board members and stakeholders now have seamless access to relevant information, data, and insights, which has significantly improved our governance practices.

Advocate Muaz Shah
Director, Global Peace Summit

Diskus solved all of our privacy and confidentiality challenges!

Our biggest concern was the confidentiality of our public boardroom material, which contained highly sensitive information. Now, with Diskus, we know our sensitive board communications are protected from unauthorized access and data breaches.

Komal Mansoor
Chartered Accountant & CFO, Tresmark

Thanks to Diskus, we have been able to achieve our compliance goals!

For our healthcare institution, achieving regulatory compliance with governing bodies was a challenging journey. Thanks to Diskus, we have successfully met our compliance goals while upholding the highest standards of patient care.

Fawad Langah
Ambassador, United Nations

Diskus has enabled us to seamlessly share meeting documents and materials.

The best feature is the ability to customize accessibility permissions, allowing us to control how shared materials are used. This is why we consistently recommend Diskus!

Dr. Syed Adeel
Dermatologist & Founder, Derm MD Care

What we love about Diskus is its ability to keep all our clients' information in secure data rooms.

This capability has allowed us to access crucial information at any time, greatly improving our efficiency and responsiveness. As a result, our relationships with clients and patients have strengthened a lot.

A Complete Platform for Nonprofit Organizations

Diskus intuitive platform caters to the needs of diverse nonprofit organizations, such as charitable, educational, healthcare, environmental and social, and community development. With enterprise-grade security, encryption, and access controls — we provide lasting value with a guarantee of security and compliance with industry regulations.

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Diskus, A Key Board Governance Solution

Our intelligent software is crafted to align perfectly with your operations to deal with real-world challenges and streamline business complexities. Empower your board and leadership teams with Diskus — ensuring compliance of your governance practices with regulations.

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Data Room
Board Assessments
Board Assessments
D&O Questionnaires
Compliance Questionnaires
Meeting Analytics
Meeting Minutes
Minutes Builder
Agenda Builder
Messenger Notes & Annotations
Notes & Annotations
Office 365 Integration
Third-party Integration
Voting & Approvals
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Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing
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Empower Your Governance for Improved Decision-making

Diskus ensures secure and automated board compliance with regulations for elevated governance.
Start your journey with Diskus and witness how we revolutionize your board meetings.
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