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Instant Polls & Resolutions is a sophisticated feature specifically designed to streamline the decision-making process during board meetings. This feature enhances board collaboration and engagement by providing a platform for collecting opinions and assessing consensus in real time for the most well-informed decision-making.

With all these capabilities, Diskus enhances the productivity and efficiency of your board meetings, guaranteeing that your organization meets global governance protocols while maintaining compliance standards.

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Instant and Efficient Meeting Setup

Creating a meeting goes beyond mere document compilation and participant invites. Diskus offers smart data-driven tools to facilitate efficient collaborations among the board, leadership teams, and committees, fostering effective engagement and substantial resolutions.

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Beyond Agile Decision-making

Diskus Instant Polls & Resolutions tool enhance the active participation of each member — fostering collaboration for more informed decision-making. This feature helps garner the collective insights and viewpoints of the board for well-informed, widely supported, and goals-aligned decisions.

This governance feature of Diskus provides benefits beyond agile decision-making by ensuring programmed compliance checks, monitoring, and risk assessments. This automation not only guarantees effective decision-making that encapsulates accurate and up-to-date information but also compliance with regulations — promoting good governance and adaptability to ever-changing circumstances.

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Voting and Polls Management

Diskus offers comprehensive features to streamline your voting and resolution processes. Easily set circulation, voting, and decision announcement dates or adjust the reminder frequency for your resolution process. You can add voters and choose a deadline to get an AI-generated poll published right away with no hassle, and even during meetings for quick decisions on something. All voters get notified about the voting schedule and results via email.

This sophisticated feature ensures an efficient voting process — empowering your board to make prompt and informed decisions.

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Show of Hands or Secret Balloting

Choose the method of voting that resonates best with your needs and preferences. Show of hands allows board members to show their consensus visually for quicker decision-making. Secret balloting involves private voting that is more discreet, ensuring confidentiality and impartiality — preventing the conflict of interests.

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Observer Participation

Diskus allows you to add as many voters as you want to ensure everyone gets involved in the decision-making. You can also add non-voters to resolutions to observe the proceedings and their results. This process enhances transparency, engagement, and inclusion by ensuring everyone is involved in decision-making.

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Add-ons to Elevate Decision-making Process

To help users formulate a well-rounded and informed resolution, Diskus enables users to add files and conduct pre-voting surveys. This procedure ensures a comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the decision-making for well-informed resolution.

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Conflict of Interest

Use our Instant Polls and Resolutions feature to quickly ascertain any conflict of interest within the board to prevent matter escalation for efficient decision-making. The anonymous opinion sharing ensures impartial decision-making with no personal biases influencing decisions. This proactive approach stimulates transparency and integrity in the decision-making process.

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D & O Questionnaires

Leverage our instant Polls and Resolutions feature to effortlessly create, distribute, and collect responses for the Director & Officer (D&O) questionnaire. Our platform helps users gather crucial information from the board, ensuring compliance with regulations and promoting well-informed decision-making.

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Live Results

Diskus instantly displays results once the voting process is completed for prompt decision-making. Poll results will automatically be emailed once the deadline passes. Similarly, the ‘Show of Hands’ voting method provides an instant result. The secret voting mechanism is more discreet and displays results to only authorized personnel.

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