Diskus Features & Capabilities

Diskus is your go-to partner for transforming your Board and leadership collaborations. Our platform offers streamlined communication, military-grade data security, and board compliance. Our prime objective is to elevate your governance practices and empower your leadership.

Transition to our digital ecosystem and go paperless to conduct more efficient board meetings without hassle. With Diskus, your data and communications are secured and recorded digitally for transparency and easy monitoring. Meet compliance objectives, empower teams, and elevate governance with Diskus.

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Enhanced Board & Leadership Collaboration

Diskus offers a state-of-the-art digital ecosystem to conduct meetings seamlessly to improve team and leadership collaborations. From managing agendas, scheduling meetings, distributing materials, and keeping real-time updates to efficient minutes management — our board portal ensures transparency in every step of the workflow while simplifying compliance monitoring.

With streamlined processes, leadership can make more proactive decisions to optimize productivity and achieve modern governance goals.

Foster Collaboration
Zoom Integration
Video-Conferencing Tools

Diskus offers built-in video conferencing as part of its one-window solution for all organizational needs. However, integrations with third-party tools are also available.
Secure Messenger
Encrypted Communication

The Board can quickly initiate individual or group conversations for instant communication and collaboration with military-grade security.
White-labeled Dashboard

Stay updated on scheduled meetings, review supporting materials, or access any relevant announcements on a white-labeled homepage tailored to your organization.
Notes & Annotations
Notes & Annotations

Effortlessly highlight, draw, or add a note anywhere on the document using our specialized annotation tools. All your notes sync automatically across your devices for swift access.
Quorum Management

Effortlessly track members’ availability, preferences, locations, or other opinions by creating a board evaluation survey.
Presenter Mode
Restricted Access

You can hide all your document markings or notes when sharing board materials with others or customize accessibility rights and give access to specific persons only.
Uncomplicated News & Announcements
Efficient Communication

Effortlessly inform the Board or committees about policy changes or meeting rescheduling through targeted announcements.
Real-Time Board Deck Update

Your board book updates and builds in real-time, ensuring you keep your work and override. Our Agenda Builder also enables collaboration between multiple people and committees.

Smart Insights to Elevate Your Meetings

Gain insights into critical areas and highlight key priorities. Use our smart meeting analytics and briefs tools to enhance board productivity and engagement. Highlighting key priorities enables more informed actions for compliance and good governance.

Diskus Board Management and Governance Software
Diskus Board Management and Governance Software
Engagement Analytics
Engagement Metrics

Directors can use engagement metrics to gauge the interest level of the Board in meeting materials prior to the meeting. This insight helps you to align your board materials with the priorities of the Board.
Digital Signatures

If there’s any document that requires the signatures of the Directors, simply upload it on Diskus. The Director will receive a notification for pending signature and can sign instantly with just a click.
Zoom Integration
Minutes Builder

Create meeting minutes directly on Diskus for seamless integration into your workflow. Easily take notes, assign tasks, track attendance, and also record motions during the meeting.
D&O Questionnaires
Diversity Tracker

Plan, document, visualize, and regularly update our board diversity objectives using our Diversity Trackers. These tools facilitate the strategic mapping of diversity goals, recording progress over time.
Diversity Reporting
Talent Management

Use strategic insights for tracking skills to create a strong and responsive Board for recruitment and succession planning.
Skills Tracking
Virtual Governance

The governance committee can vote on any actions, amend the annual budget, and even update rules directly from anywhere with Diskus.
Roles & Terms Management
Roles & Terms Management

Real-time insights to improve recruiting and succession planning efforts — helping create a more intelligent and responsive board
Voting and Approvals
Voting and Approvals

Govern from anywhere. Amend the annual budget, update the bylaws, any board actions can be voted on directly within Diskus.
Board Assessments
Board Evaluation

Utilize our pre-designed templates or tailor them to your specific needs to assess the performance of the Board against the organization’s goals.
Meeting Briefs
Automated Email Alerts

Automated email alerts inform attendees of upcoming meetings — ensuring they are prepared and on time.

Efficiency and Governance Enhancement

Diskus helps streamline operations to optimize performance and improve efficiency. It assists in highlighting the key strengths and responsibilities of each member of the organization for smoother collaborations at all levels. The core aim is to help you achieve the highest pinnacles of corporate governance and compliance.

Public Posting
Public Posting

Generate a publicly accessible URL tailored for use by public universities, governmental bodies, and other public institutions to share important information.
RSVP & Attendance
RSVP & Attendance

Diskus enables you to track your meetings, RSVPs, and attendance, ensuring that you stay on top of the organizational goals and achieve meticulous compliance.
Dashboard Homepage
Active Customer Support

Our customer services team works diligently round the clock to assist our precious customers. We have always got your back!
Universal Search
Archives Search

Whether you are looking for old board books, notes, or minutes of a previous meeting, simply search our database for instant access.
Agenda Time Management
Agenda Time Management

Keep your meetings aligned to your schedule with our automated reminders.
Complete File Support
File Support

Our solution supports and seamlessly integrates all kinds of files, such as spreadsheets, PDFs, and PowerPoint presentations.

Data Security & Compliance

We value your privacy and ensure data protection by strictly following global security and compliance protocols to protect your information. Our encrypted communication features facilitate secured collaboration and empower your teams and governance committees. Rest assured that your data is secure in our military-grade data rooms.

Diskus Board Management and Governance Solution
Azure Security
On-Prem & On-Cloud

We understand the confidentiality of a directorate-level board meeting. Hence, we offer both on-premises and cloud options to all our customers.
Two-Factor Authentication
Two-Factor Authentication

With two-factor authentication, your Diskus account can only be accessed by verifying your identity using an OTP, separate from your password
Granular Permissions
Controlled Access

You can seamlessly control who accesses your board materials and communications. You can even isolate a specific item in the board deck if needed.
Remote Wipe
Contingency Plan

In case of theft or loss of any board member’s device, we swiftly transfer/wipe all your stored data to protect your confidential information.
Agenda Time Management
Automatic Deletion of Archives

If a user remains disconnected from their device for more than 90 days, we give them the option to delete their data automatically.
Biometric Security
Highest Security in Board Portal

We employ ISO-certified encrypting standards for data both in transit between a user’s device and at rest.
Integrity and Transparency

Integrity and Transparency

We possess credentials that affirm our credibility and further testify that your data is safe and protected with us.

SOC 2 Certified
SOC 2 Certified
Our procedures, controls and security practices have been audited by outside firms with a focus on our availability, security, privacy, confidentiality.
ISO 27001 Certified
ISO 27001 Certified
Our world-class security program and infrastructure is ISO 27001 certified, ensuring information assets such as financial data, intellectual property, and employee details are safe and secure.
GDPR Compliant
GDPR Compliant
OnBoard is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It's part of our commitment to protecting the privacy of our customers around the world.
GDPR Compliant
HIPAA Compliant
We know that healthcare providers experience frustration when selecting and adopting cloud solutions. That's why we've invested heavily into maintaining complete HIPAA Compliance
Integrity and Transparency

Unparalleled Board Governance with Diskus

Optimize your board meetings and unleash invaluable insights with the robust platform provided by Diskus. Discover the unparalleled benefits of secure, efficient, and user-friendly board management software tailored for achieving success.