Streamline Your Meetings, Empower Governance & Stay Compliant

Diskus meeting management solution is designed to streamline your meetings for enhanced governance and compliance. Schedule a meeting today to see how we transform your meeting process and help you achieve modern governance standards!

  • Diskus Board Meeting Solution Client
  • Diskus Board Meeting Solution Client
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  • Diskus Board Meeting Solution Client
  • Diskus Board Meeting Solution Client
  • Diskus Board Meeting Solution Client
  • Diskus Board Meeting Solution Client

Before Process

Efficient planning is the cornerstone of effective meeting outcomes.

Intuitive Tools Before Meeting

Seamless Scheduling — Effortlessly Coordinate Availability

Focus on strengthening your governance and compliance, not on unproductive chores. With Diskus, effortlessly organize meetings, coordinate with attendees, and manage meeting time and location. Calendar integration makes it easier to view the availability of each participant, ensuring there are no schedule conflicts.

Hassle-Free Scheduling

Calendar Integration & Automation of Tasks

Our smart Calendar integration shows the available time slots of each meeting participant to ensure no one misses out. Send automatic meeting invitations, manage quorum for compliance, or set automated reminders to alert attendees of upcoming meetings. Also, you can schedule recurring meetings in advance to avoid inefficiencies.

Agenda Templates Tailored to Your Needs

Keep Your Meetings on Track

Upload your agenda, or use our agenda builder feature to custom-create agenda templates to utilize during meetings. Distribute essential meeting material in advance for enhanced collaborations and engagement.


During Process

Create a conducive environment for efficient meetings.

Side-by-Side View of Meeting Content and Video Call

Keep Your Content in View During Video Calls

Enjoy remote interactions with your team members, but always keep sight of your important content. Our dual-view capability ensures your meeting content is viewable alongside your video calls, keeping everyone engaged and well-informed.

Collaborative Decision-making

Collaborate with Meeting Attendees for Proactive Decision-making

Engage meeting members in decision-making with Diskus. Conduct live polls, surveys, and voting to collect your team members' perspectives on critical matters, enabling quick decision-making. The secured voting and resolution functions keep the decision-making process confidential and within the platform. You can effortlessly sync your screen with all the participants for maximum engagement.

Task Creation and Assignment

Seamlessly Create and Assign Tasks to Team Members

Effortlessly create and assign tasks to the right team members for enhanced collaboration. Simply enter the task, date, and deadline and select the team member to assign the task. Add task instructions or files for improved clarity and to keep everyone on the same page.


After Process

Align your meetings with long-term business goals.

Meeting Outcomes Tracking

Monitor Tasks, Action Items, and Meeting Outcomes

Track and monitor meeting outcomes and action items with our task and project management capabilities. Stay on track with follow-ups to monitor progress, identify bottlenecks, and ensure on-time task completion. Set task reminders for assigned team members to alert them about upcoming deadlines. Easily integrate with third-party project management tools of your choice to optimize your workflow and enhance productivity.

Minutes Management

Manage Minutes to View, Share & Download

Effortlessly create, store, and share comprehensive meeting records for transparency, accountability, and compliance. Create agenda-specific or general minutes summarizing the entire meeting with Diskus. Our built-in minute review tools allow meeting attendees, stakeholders, and guests to provide feedback and collaborate effectively.

Agenda/Minutes to Actionable Items

Instantly Convert Agendas and Minutes into Actionable Items

Diskus smart features empower your board and teams to collaborate and act on meeting outcomes seamlessly. Easily convert agendas, sub-agenda, and meeting minutes into actionable items in seconds with our sophisticated technology. A clear record of actionable items facilitates easy task allocation, streamlining your workflow, enhancing accountability, and optimizing productivity.

Meeting Reports

Comprehensive Meeting Reports to Review, Reflect, and Share

Diskus furnishes comprehensive meeting reports for record keeping and review. Our smart view displays all the meeting specifics, from meeting time, agendas, sub-agendas, and participants' information to outcomes, making it easy to convert them into actionable items. All these reports serve as an audit trail for compliance, enhancing your credibility and empowering governance.

Assma Galuta
Co-founder at Brand Buzz Inc.
Since integrating Diskus into our meeting management process, we've seen a remarkable 40% boost in overall productivity. This tool ensures accountability for decisions, commitments, and actions across the board, driving efficiency and effectiveness.
Michael O'Hara
CEO and Founder at Whisperer
Since adopting Diskus for our meeting management needs, our efficiency has surpassed our expectations. This innovative tool holds each participant responsible for their decisions and commitments, fostering a culture of accountability and driving impactful actions.
Nosheen Faisal
Director at Landmark Investment
Ever since incorporating into our meeting routines, our productivity has experienced a significant uplift. This platform has instilled a culture of accountability among participants, ensuring that everyone is actively engaged and committed to driving progress.
Smart Integrations

Integrate with Tools of Your Choice

Diskus integrates flawlessly with any communication, scheduling, calendar, and task/project management tool of your choice. This integration prevents switching between multiple apps, keeping you on one platform for all your workflow needs.